KLD Biosistemas Estética e Fisioterapia



KLD Biosistemas is a technology company in health products in physiotherapy, aesthetic and aesthetic medicine fields, 100% Brazilian, founded in 1982. A pioneer in developing and manufacturing equipment has been continuously innovating in new products development, seeking to provide the user equipment to help with treatment and therapeutic results.

The conception, design and development of equipment and its production, sales and technical services, are certified by the NBR ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the DRC 59 (GMPC - Good Manufacturing Practices and Control) which ensures system, total quality.

All our products are registered in ANVISA and certification standards NBR IEC 60601 series, dealing specifically with the equipment as its safety and accuracy parameters.

Today, KLD Biosistemas is a winning company dedicated to providing professionals, quality equipment at competitive prices, always seeking continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. To accomplish our mission, we have a skilled team of professionals that make this company a success.

Quality Policy

Improve its quality management system, seeking clients satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations, through the therapeutic or cosmetic results achieved.


Providing technology products that bring therapeutic and aesthetic results, aiming to surpass clients expectations and their customers.


Search constantly quality and technology high level of products and services, as well as the conquest of new markets.


Development and manufacturing of equipment for treatments and performance in the areas of Physical Therapy, Aesthetics and Aesthetic Medicine.